Monday, March 21, 2011

Troll Restoration

The Troll from the Horrors of the Marsh needed help. Whereas the Salamanewt's weapon breakage was due to over-handling and a weak point in the casting, the Troll was, at some point in time, deliberately cut for a diorama that never came to be. The body needed re-attaching with the base and feet.

As with the Salamanewt a suitable drill bit was found, and the holes were very carefully drilled into both sides.

Brass rod was measured and cut, super-glued in and the Troll was set to dry, clothespin clamp holding him in the right position.

To close the gap between the two pieces, Green Stuff was added, at the join there is some hair-detail on the original, so I was able to blend it in nicely without the 'wound' being too obvious.

The Troll is now back in action, stronger than before for the brass pins in his legs, ready to be primed and painted.

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