Monday, March 7, 2011


This blog was set up to share:
• Progress reports and pictures on personal scale miniature projects,
• Sculpts from scratch and hopefully the molding and casting as well,
• Links to other sites I've found valuable in the miniatures-realm,
• Anything else that may interest those who appreciate/collect scale minis, old and new alike.

I've been into miniatures ('figs' or 'minis' as I'll refer to them as) for ages, my older brother and I played a miniatures-based game we called 'Knights' in which each figure's abilities and powers were based on the physical sculpted attributes of the Grenadier figures in his collection. He had many sets, mostly in the red boxes (the re-packaged version of the AD&D sets) and through him I learned the basics of painting these little lead guys. After starting to collect them on my own and learning the 'Citadel' style of painting I took a long break, but seeing some bootleg Grenadier figs at the pewter-dealer at a Renaissance Faire a few years ago perked my interest in 'restoring' the classics that I had stuffed away in a closet.

This involved re-fixing on broken off arms, weapons etc. and using nasty chemicals to soak off the layers of Testor's Enamel paint we used to paint with in the old days.

Some of the posts to follow will show some of these restorations. Some will feature some sculpts of my own and some will simply point to other resources online that I've found helpful or interesting.

I hope it's not too disappointing.

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