Sunday, February 19, 2017

Citadel Miniatures Logo

I didn't fancy that the first post I'd write in over a year (maybe longer) would be a simple thing like this. I envisioned that it would be a great hurrah of finished minis, lovely juicy photos of blazing paint colors. But by God that is to come, there have been rather SIGNIFICANT occurrences for this Ghola that have held me back from stripping, restoring and painting. But that is soon to change and I hope to be posting much more regularly.

This is a simple posting about a simple thing. A little curious thing I caught out of the corner of my eye. This is for the graphics and drawing folks out there, who appreciate stuff like this, but may be of interest as well to any Oldhammer folks and anyone who loves vintage (and I mean vintage) Citadel minis.

I've long loved that spooky little Citadel-tower that is the essential logo, printed and re-printed on a million products and in a million publications. I've never seen a decent-sized version of it to behold what it actually is, usually it sits about an inch tall, often smaller...

Here's an instance from the closest Citdael product I have at hand, an old plastic Skeleton Army box:
So with that graphic love of a very nice and cryptic logo stuck away deep in my brain for many decades, I was alarmed when I found, within the back ad-pages of an old Dragon magazine (September 1986) this little black and white advert, featuring a fairly detailed and fleshed out vision of THAT building, THAT tower that we've all come to recognize so well.
Now, sure it's not IDENTICAL like a genetic copy, but by golly it's most assuredly the basis, or genesis, for that graphic. So the alarm came from two directions:

A) How did I not see this before? I've had this copy of Dragon since the late 80s... I thought I knew every inch of these classics...
B) Oh my gosh, did I discover a relic of graphic that relates to the original Citadel logo that is of any significance (doubtful)?

I don't believe that Citadel had any connection to this ad or the company, it's just that this company found and used the graphic that had been used for the Citadel logo. Well if anyone has any insight as to the origins of the Citadel logo, and how it relates to the curious little snippet I found, please let me know. I'm fascinated by this stuff. I haven't called the number. I'm going on the bold assumption this won't get me any free dice.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Iron Maiden Takes Form

I decided to take a lump of gray Sculpey III and start making an Iron Maiden (the metal wardrobe-thingy that you get crunched up in when you've done something awful).
The clay itself is a junky mix of black and some found-white (got loads of Sculpey with mysterious origin), augmented by some of the Pro Create gray-stuff epoxy. I enjoyed the results of the main shape, which took a bit of sanding and filling with more Sculpey to look just so.

The face came out awful, probably because I was trying to watch Top Gear or Downton Abbey or something while sculpting, so I decided to make a fresh one independent of the main sculpt, to replace it afterwards. This too is entirely from Sculpey. Each detail of this little face below (meant to resemble the crude and naive visage often seen on these torture devices), the nose, the chin, whatever, is its own separate sculpting 'session' added bit by bit with very mild and brief bakings in between to harden the work
I chopped the original face off, creating a spot for the new one to go on.
…and I do hope to update very soon with the results of the transplant, as well as some of the hinges, latches and other embellishments. Isn't that lovely?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gray Guy Progress

Progress on the gray guy, suckers removed in favor of hands plus he's now got a damned knife, where the heck did he get that? Put that down dude! As mentioned previously this is a design-as-it-goes mini so I can test how the Pro Create material goes. So far the thing I don't like the most is the lack of tackiness, as Kneadatite has the stickiness I like, especially in cases of adding tiny little amounts of material to areas that have cured already.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gray Guy, Still Kicking

I bought some Pro-Create nearly a year ago, started a guy up to test it out, put everything down for a good long time and just recently picked it up again. Here's a pic of the nasty in the works. I think I may chop off the sucker arms and give him some hands.
Oh, and it's now THREE years since I pledged I would paint my big Grenadier skeleton, boy how much can life get in the way? Tsk, tsk.

Friday, August 22, 2014

New Doctor

Here's a good piece with good perspective on the new Who, Mr. Peter Capaldi (who I think will be very good): The piece is right here.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Progress Using Pro Create

Some progress on this little guy, using Pro Create. Eyes are Green Stuff just because I had a quantity of rolled-up spheres (cut in half here and applied as potential eyes). I have no idea where this will go, but it's a decent test for the Pro Create, which I still find to be tougher stuff. Also, it has a different tackiness, which takes time getting used to (I prefer it to be sticky, so building onto already-cured work is easier)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back From the Dead

When did I last post something? Last year, at least it hasn't been a whole year. Anyway, time to get back to work, many unfinished projects. Here's something to flex the mind and hand-muscles: I bought some Pro-Create, the gray-colored epoxy material, to see how it fares against the classic Green Stuff.
It's quite good, I made up a wire core, stuck it in a cork like the big boys do (a practice which I'll be changing at some point soon) and just started laying the stuff on to get a feel for it. I think it will be quite nice, not as sticky as Green Stuff (thought I'm used to that stickiness), but the gray color REALLY helps the eye on seeing what the hell I'm doing. This will definitely be a creature of some kind, no idea what it will look like, it's a freestyle experiment.
I would have had more done, but sculpting while watching Top Gear isn't very productive, in some ways. Hope to post more soon. Sorry for the blackout to those who have maintained an interest.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Embarrassing Old Project II: Tank from Old White Dwarf Plans

Back in the olden times GW's White Dwarf magazine would have articles encouraging scratch-building terrain and vehicles. I loved how simple it all seemed, with some stiff paper and glue, I could just do all of that couldn't I? One of the more ambitious projects was a Baneblade, issue 132, I've got the magazine somewhere. After debating on whether my skills could handle it I decided to have a go. I recently discovered the results, pictured here. A model over twenty years old now, but fairly successful by the standards I had back then.
It's been kicked around a bit, pieces have fallen off, some old Imperial Space Marine components are stuck on. It's mostly plastic, the treads are actually paper, wrapped onto little round wood plugs. Hatch covers are doll-house plates, and it looks like there is an awful lot of Squadron Green Putty used to fill huge gaps.
I recall the plans were not quite right, and didn't really come together properly if followed exactly.
Owing to the fact that it's falling apart, it will now be retired (like the Eldar diorama from previous post) and pieces recycled into something new.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rotational Thinking...

Thought I knew the techniques. Thought I knew how stuff was done. I am (again) wrong, as I have recently discovered opportunities in mechanically rotating molds to aid casting. It may work in some miniature applications, depending on the mold, and depending of course on casting material. Here's a video of some students having a bloody good time at building a quite handsome casting machine.

Thing is: I've done a bastard of a sculpt recently that is proven almost un-castable so far... this technique may help, maybe not, but it looks like it would be fun to try it out. Get the LEGO out...