Tuesday, February 3, 2015

An Iron Maiden Takes Form

I decided to take a lump of gray Sculpey III and start making an Iron Maiden (the metal wardrobe-thingy that you get crunched up in when you've done something awful).
The clay itself is a junky mix of black and some found-white (got loads of Sculpey with mysterious origin), augmented by some of the Pro Create gray-stuff epoxy. I enjoyed the results of the main shape, which took a bit of sanding and filling with more Sculpey to look just so.

The face came out awful, probably because I was trying to watch Top Gear or Downton Abbey or something while sculpting, so I decided to make a fresh one independent of the main sculpt, to replace it afterwards. This too is entirely from Sculpey. Each detail of this little face below (meant to resemble the crude and naive visage often seen on these torture devices), the nose, the chin, whatever, is its own separate sculpting 'session' added bit by bit with very mild and brief bakings in between to harden the work
I chopped the original face off, creating a spot for the new one to go on.
…and I do hope to update very soon with the results of the transplant, as well as some of the hinges, latches and other embellishments. Isn't that lovely?

Monday, January 12, 2015

Gray Guy Progress

Progress on the gray guy, suckers removed in favor of hands plus he's now got a damned knife, where the heck did he get that? Put that down dude! As mentioned previously this is a design-as-it-goes mini so I can test how the Pro Create material goes. So far the thing I don't like the most is the lack of tackiness, as Kneadatite has the stickiness I like, especially in cases of adding tiny little amounts of material to areas that have cured already.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Gray Guy, Still Kicking

I bought some Pro-Create nearly a year ago, started a guy up to test it out, put everything down for a good long time and just recently picked it up again. Here's a pic of the nasty in the works. I think I may chop off the sucker arms and give him some hands.
Oh, and it's now THREE years since I pledged I would paint my big Grenadier skeleton, boy how much can life get in the way? Tsk, tsk.