Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Embarrassing Old Project I: Diorama, Eldar and Hunter Slayers

Dirty laundry, the nasty old embarrassing projects from the past, badly painted minis and horrible conversions. Here's my confession for the week.

This was un-earthed while moving recently. A diorama of two Eldar meeting some Hunter Slayers in a space-hulkesque hallway. I don't know how old I was when this was made but I do claim responsibility, it's awful! But I can imagine having a lot of fun making it.

Golden oldies like these are informative as they help gauge the leaps in skill that we sometimes forget (or do not even sense).

The Eldar without helmet must have had a sword of some kind in that fist (long gone). Both have had Rogue Trader plastic marine shoulder pads added (why I don't know).

The Hunter Slayer on the wall has an Eldar arm replacing a shaved-off metal one (perhaps to pose it differently?). Here they come!!!

The Hunter Slayers came from a blister, old catalogs state they were designed by renowned Michael Perry. These guys I will yank out, strip and restore. The anarchy graffiti makes me think that Necromunda was more the setting in mind...

"Looks like somebody bagged one of Ripley's bad guys"
courtesy a hot glue-gun tip

The plates of styrene on the floor aren't even cut straight! It was as though I didn't know what a ruler was...
There's a hole drilled through the wood to accommodate an LED light (never put in).
And that is a cassette reel glued to the back wall.

"Cleanup on level 463-A"

A little Marine accessory on the wall there, and the vertical pipe next to the door: a piece of spaghetti.

Thanks for the memories: To be dismantled

A neat project would be to remake the thing, done all proper with details and all maxed out like something on Coolmini... or maybe I'll just take the trash out and go to sleep...

Anybody want the Eldar? I may have some additional plastic arms as well. Let me know.