Thursday, July 11, 2013

Embarrassing Old Project II: Tank from Old White Dwarf Plans

Back in the olden times GW's White Dwarf magazine would have articles encouraging scratch-building terrain and vehicles. I loved how simple it all seemed, with some stiff paper and glue, I could just do all of that couldn't I? One of the more ambitious projects was a Baneblade, issue 132, I've got the magazine somewhere. After debating on whether my skills could handle it I decided to have a go. I recently discovered the results, pictured here. A model over twenty years old now, but fairly successful by the standards I had back then.
It's been kicked around a bit, pieces have fallen off, some old Imperial Space Marine components are stuck on. It's mostly plastic, the treads are actually paper, wrapped onto little round wood plugs. Hatch covers are doll-house plates, and it looks like there is an awful lot of Squadron Green Putty used to fill huge gaps.
I recall the plans were not quite right, and didn't really come together properly if followed exactly.
Owing to the fact that it's falling apart, it will now be retired (like the Eldar diorama from previous post) and pieces recycled into something new.