Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Horrors of The Marsh

This set is the first set of minis I ever owned. Grenadier number 2010 "The Horrors of the Marsh." It was given to me by my brother on a birthday, I don't remember how old I was, maybe 8. I was shocked at the concept of me actually owning my own set of minis. Originally painted with 8-year-old skills with enamel paint, layer after layer with attempt after attempt. I lost the box, but the minis stayed around, I bought this set on ebay as part of the 'restoration' effort. I always liked the red-box art, which is actually kind of scruffy, but invokes a sense of adventure...

I also recall being excited that my brother saw fit for me to get a set of creatures, which I saw as being far more interesting than the typical human-figures.

Here are a few shots of my originals, still in old paint, some of which had been spray-primed white in a long-lost effort at another paint-job.

Some of the paint on these was close to a millimeter thick, possibly more in some areas.

Resurrected from a box sitting on a closet shelf for many years:

Lizardman with club:

Crouching Lizardman with some monster-ish lance:

A favorite - the Salamanewt:

Snake and Rat (the snake having its bottom and base cut off for a diorama that never happened):

Lizardman with sword:

...and the mysterious Dragon Skull and the Troll (whom I used to refer to as the Wolfman). The troll obviously suffered some damage and as such will require some extra work/pinning:

I should also mention that the giant Vegetation Beast was missing, I have no idea where it is, but it was replaced in the 'new' set I got online. Both the originals and the new set will be newly painted, duplicate figures allowing for different color variations.

Next up I'll show the figs after paint stripping


  1. The snake doesn't look like it really needs a re-paint.

    That was a great set and i'm glad I still have it.

  2. Amazing! This was the first set of figs I had as well, picked up at a garage sale years before I found my way into the hobby proper. My set was missing several figs, and then I let several more slip away. I recently got a fresh copy of the giant rat and painted him up, and I've expanded my lizardmen (they'll be troglodytes in my game) up to a dozen. Can't wait to stat the "vegetation beast" as a wizard's sick experiment crossing an umber hulk and a shambling mound. Anyway, funny to share a similar early miniatures encounter, great job on restoring the troll and I look forward to seeing more if you get to them!