Friday, March 25, 2011

Rogue Trader Era Metal Space Marines

Old Space Marines. When Space Marines were Space Marines.

I remember getting these guys at a long gone NY store called Dragon's Den, probably around Christmas or a birthday. They came ten in the box, with bases and sprues with the jump-packs. The box was unique for Citadel, I have never seen them around since: a clear plastic box with rounded corners and a slide-lid. It's very handy, I've kept it for small bits and pieces.

These were the first Space Marines I had, the concept was really cool in those days. Games Workshop takes themselves far too seriously now for my tastes, back then it was funny, touch of humor and tongue in cheek, very punk-style to the whole thing.

Painted using a Citadel selection of paints, if I concentrate I can almost remember the smell of the paint.

These really are terrible miniatures as things go, even for older ones, the sculpting and casting is very mushy, quick and not too concerned about details so much.

I'd love to restore these guys with fresh paint but I could never strip these, the original paint is too much a time capsule for me.

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