Friday, March 25, 2011

New Paint on the Troll

The Troll, having received a new paintjob. This is the second figure I had painted in about 15-16 years, not so bad I suppose. It's far easier to sit down and do this stuff when there's some sort of consistency to the activity, so starting into it after so long was a bit weird, didn't quite remember what to do. But now it's going to be a new education in painting, after all the years of learning about different mediums and materials, I can look at the task with a new perspective, and hopefully give these older figures the justice they deserve.


  1. Very nice looking. I went with a boring old green paint job when I painted mine years ago. Brown & tan he looks like he could stand in for a bugbear, lycanthrope, and other generic monsters.

  2. I've always liked this figure because he is very lupine in design, it's that awesome magic touch of sculptor John Dennett.