Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Grenadier Salamanewt, Axe Re-attachment

The re-attachment of the Salamanewt's axe was a simple drill & pin procedure, matching the drill bit width to the brass rod that would work.

Gluing the axe head and holding it in place was a trick to get right.

What worked best was a customized miniature clothespin (from a crafts store, bag of 100 cost a few dollars), which could clamp at a certain point and provide enough strength for the dangling axe to rest against so as not to swing out of position. This photo shows exactly that, superglue being the adhesive involved.

The join here is decent, though a few months later I bought my first tube of Kneadatite Green Stuff, which would have helped create a more cohesive and seamless join.

This nasty gash on the top of the head is a result of a less-than-great casting. I've since filled a little bit in with the nasty dangerous Squadron Green Putty and scraped a little of the metal down to make a smooth area.

Seen from the back, the Salamanewt shows the expertise of sculptor John Dennett. The axe re-attach is not so bad.

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