Friday, March 11, 2011

Let Me See You Stripped Down to the Bone...

I used a tip from dakkadakka when stripping the ancient paint from the Horrors of the Marsh: Pine-Sol, a floor cleaning liquid available here in the US. Easily enough obtained, I placed the minis in a tin can, with the Pine-Sol, and left it for a few days. The paint drifted off gently over time, becoming very gummy and pliable - there was still much effort required with toothpicks and a toothbrush to dislodge stubborn areas.

Overall the end result was satisfactory, although on subsequent projects I have used more powerful paint-removing products. Always be careful when you use this stuff, even the Pine-Sol, conserve your health, don't breath it in.

So here are some pics showing the originals with all of that disgusting layered paint you saw in the previous post removed (the gray, darker ones). The shinier, brighter versions are the never-painted ones from the set I bought recently.

The Salamanewt's axe busted off at some point, was super-glued back on back in time. In the Pine-Sol dip the glue loosened and the piece came away again, so I do have it but will need to pin a re-attach it.

The original serpent (left) has major problems owing to the cutting off of the base and the lower portion. It's going to be tricky to salvage this mini. I know it's a candidate for replacement but I will still have a go at saving it and getting the bottom shaped up.

The Troll, with his original counterpart, in need of pinning at the broken legs

The Vegetation Beast (original is missing, this is form the 'new' set)

I'm so freaked out because I've been watching the beginning of John Carpenter's The Thing while putting this post together. Movie's a total freakout.

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  1. Very nice looking. Reminds me of why I just put a black wash on my figures to "pewterize" them back when I first started collecting them. I've since "ruined" them all, or most of them, by painting them. :)

    What do you use for stripping now? I started with pine sol, tried brake fluid, and have settled on Simple Green.