Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sculpting an Ambull in Green Stuff

I wanted an Ambull. I thought they were cute and goofy looking, and would probably provide a decent painting experience.
But I could not get one, the original Citadel minis were proving very hard to find - so I decided to make one.

Ambulls are nasties from the old Rogue Trader 40k book. Citadel did a two pack blister (I believe) with two poses, each fig came in two parts.

This is an abbreviated series of progress pictures project from last year. I posted a lot more over on before I started Ghola Scale, this is simply an abridged report on that project. Previous attempts at sculpting scale minis did not go so well, but I got some Green Stuff and discovered how versatile and easy to work with it was. I have no real sculpting experience at all, so it was a real jump into the unknown. Overall the project was very inspiring and only time and space has stayed my hand from further sculpts.

It started with wire
Aluminum wire (I had yet to discover copper wire's superior pliability) was used to rough out the skeleton, which was then covered in Green Stuff.

This was the first time I had used a two part epoxy putty, and I discovered quickly that water lubricates tools against the stickiness.

I at first used very crude wooden tools carved from popsicle sticks, which seemed well enough but in retrospect I probably could have afforded a little more detail had I used some pointed metal tools.

Basic form came together quickly, but as I discovered the devil was in the details (pics coming next post)

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  1. By jove, you've got it! That's clearly an ambull. Top work, and WIP shots are always good to see.