Friday, July 15, 2011

Sculpting an Ambull Continued

As I moved forward on the project I became more accustomed to the tendencies of Green Stuff, including the time sensitivity: when first mixed it acts a certain way, but after about 30 minutes it starts to cure and toughen. This can be troublesome at first but with more use one can use these attributes to an advantage.

Here are some additional images from the progress:

And a basic four-shot sequence of a typical application of a detail: Get a lump of Green Stuff in the area, push it in to get decent adhesion, I then blended it into its substrate and finally applied the necessary texture. Again, this is the first scale mini I've sculpted, so the detail and the form are rather crude.

More soon.


  1. looks fantastic, man.

  2. Absolutely inspiring! I just started learning to sculpt epoxy putty for figure kitbashing.

    Really nice work!

  3. 'Crude' really wasn't the first word that came to mind, not by a mile - more like mm's 'fantastic' or scottsz's 'inspiring' - or just plain 'incredible'!