Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sculpting an Ambull Continued

I did the eyes first, because I figured if I could not get the eyes down, the whole fig wouldn't read right. Next was the fangs, or pincers. I inserted some tiny brass rods to support the fangs, and did a few layers of Green Stuff to get the shape right.

I serrated the pincers by adding tiny bits of putty at appropriately spaced intervals, but did not stress shaping them until they were cured, whereupon I was able to slice excess material off, sand them flush with the face of the pincer and shape up the spaces between with a thin file. Also shown here is some arm detail and the start of the details on the back.

I learned the hard way not to try to add too much in one sculpting session: I would get a nice area completed on one side and start on another, only to find a few minutes later that a forgetful finger had marred the first area. Nice thing about Green Stuff is: if you like what you've done - put it down and let the stuff cure. I see now why the pros have multiple figs going at once. Work on a little at a time.

Claws went through a few stages: bent brass rods served as supports, drilled and inserted into the ends of the arms, a few layers of Green Stuff shaped it up and made a decent pair of graspers.

Looking back at this project I should have made the ribbed inner-arms more uniform, wrapped wire or something, to give it a more alien Giger-like look, but it wasn't so bad freehand, and does lend it that early Citadel junky-punky style. More details soon - thanks for tuning in.

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