Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thieves, Grenadier set 2008

A recent acquisition, the old AD&D Grenadier Thieves set:

Box is in great condition, foam inserts included (no paper insert though, anybody got one they want to scan and send?) and the figs are in great condition, except the 'female thief,' who is devastated beyond any hope of restoration with lead rot.

Some nice sculpts in here, with a few repetitions of faces and forms (same sculpts used for different minis).

Climbing thief, or perhaps he's just getting-down...

A classic scenario of old minis: completely coated in thick enamel. Here's one for the paint stripping gel...

Once a lovely lady, now a hideous crone. This mini is garbage, you'll get to see a video I made of the crumbling dust in the next post...

It was pretty bad all over, even down on the base, now I'll have to find a loose female... you know what I mean...?


  1. The Thieves set is so classic - such great poses!

  2. Nice score.

    Insert is here:

    My female thief broke at the ankles almost right out of the box, not from lead rot though.

    1. Cheers on the insert, I know LostMinis had some scans but not all, fortunately they've got a couple of images on this one.