Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolutions to the Death Giant of the Undead Legion

Happy 2012 - I begin with optimism towards forthcoming projects as a newly-moved into workshop slowly takes form and functionality. One project that has been sitting around for ages is a build on a classic Grenadier piece: The Death Giant of the Undead Legion.

I got the kit as a gift from my brother, it was either 1984 or 1985. Over the next few years several layers of Testor's enamel went on the thing before being retired from memory. Back then I had no concept of pinning models together. It was revisited in 2002 with a decent drill-and-pin effort, and about two years ago I stripped all the ancient paint off, as far down to metal as possible. It now exists in a state of restoration, with all joints expertly pinned for maximum possible strength, and all joins and contacts between components properly built up with Kneadatite Green Stuff.

My 2012 resolution is a really weak one: Finish this damned model once and for all. I have a terrible habit of not finishing things and it desperately needs changing. I mean finish - build, paint, base, finished. I've never seen one complete other than on the box itself and the contorted re-cast on the Mirliton site.

I swear by golly I'll do it. And you can now hold me to it.


  1. Sounds like an awesome resolution! I need to declare one like it aw well...

  2. Mine was assembled and painted decently...made the move from Kansas to northeast Ohio and from the parent's house to Kent to Akron and finally broke apart ... expoy glues but never pinned, go figure. I have been meanning to re-assemble it for years.

  3. Mike I'd love to see pics, even broken apart! Back in the eighties my philosophy was 'more Krazy Glue means better bond...' Now I pin even the tiniest of parts.