Friday, January 20, 2012

Soon you will meet the Undead

That's my best post title so far. Fans of metal (the other kind) will instantly recognize it as a lyric from a Slayer song.

I got wind of a completed and painted Grenadier Death Giant of the Undead Legion and discovered that it is surrounded by one of the most spectacular and dynamic miniature armies I've ever seen.

The painting is consistent in detail and quality, and picks out each character as an individual (certainly an accomplishment with this volume of undead). The painter took different models from different eras and different companies and compiled them together to create one cohesive swarm - not an easy task.

I just love skeletons on the march, don't know why, just do. It's fun. Halloween-style.

Internet frequenters have probably seen this already but here it is again: An amazing undead army captured for all to see with excellent photographs.

Big thanks to the proprietor of Belched from the Depths for sharing this!

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