Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Sweet Taste of Total Failure

I've got two days to paint a very large classic Grenadier miniature, and it will not happen. A little tiny bit less than one year ago I pledged to complete the Grenadier Death Giant of the Undead Legion

But things get in the way when one is older than one used to be. In the olden times entire evenings could be spent on painting, as long as the hands were willing and the eyes could hold out, and the books-on-tape kept rolling, the sky was the limit.

But now there's barely an inch in between all the 'grown-up' stuff, the mortgage, the gutter cleaning, operating a business, raising children, etc.

When I thought about writing this entry to resolve the unresolved pledge from a year ago I was bitter about it and angry that I was never able to find time in a hectic timeline of responsibilities. But as I write this I realize all of these things are blessings, and there will be time enough eventually to tackle the big old skeleton.

I used the excuse of being tired frequently, and instead of breaking the paints out would fall asleep watching some classic Doctor Whos (mostly Jon Pertwee era) as it took less energy. Not a bad way to kill an evening or two.

I did manage to finish a sculpt (future post) and I fell back into the addiction of LEGO, and I found a few more oldie minis that will now be slated for restoration (Dark Horse Miniatures mutants).

Honestly, with all the garbage going on in the world, I cannot complain, and I'll get the big skeleton done, someday. It's been over 25 years so a little more time won't hurt.

Big up to all the great blogs that I've enjoyed during the year, all the great finds and the classic minis being painted, the magic world of miniature-make-believe really is in full gear. Have a healthy, safe, productive 2013.


  1. Well I've really enjoyed seeing the old Rogue Trader stuff you unearthed a while back - good luck with the skellie and all the grown up stuff that gets in the way.

    I must say yours is a familiar tale of fatigue and other things getting in the way, although I wish I'd watched as much Pertwee era Dr Who as you!

  2. Curse of Peladon, Terror of the Autons, Sea Devils, Claws of Axos, Silurians... many classics consumed my evening hours over the past year.

  3. I think I know what you mean! I made the fatal mistake of moving my laptop to the painting area and now free time gets sucked into checking email, news, and such. But I still have hopes that this winter will see a few weekends of 'family craft time' where my wife sews, I paint, and my daughter works on whatever craft she's into. We only get a weekend retreat like once every couple months it seems but they are golden.

    1. This makes me feel much better: that we are all just humans in spite of our best efforts to immerse ourselves in the study and practice of the esoteric worlds.