Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Horrors... a Glimpse into Progress

This combo-picture is a bit old but still shows where the Horrors of the Marsh set has gotten to. I've since read about proper photo set-up and will be able to provide better-lighted and more-detailed images soon.

I recently located some of the oddball minis that were based on the same sculpts from the Horrors of the Marsh set but in different poses with different weapons. As soon as I have them in-hand I'll post a picture.


  1. Yep, very nice! Great yellow-bone tone on the skull, and similarly nice brown on the top lizardman.

    I've got one of those demon rats painted up with just the base remaining to do. The first one I had got painted and sold through the display case of my local shop for more figs. The "lizardmen" are also going to serve as my troglodytes--great sculpts and I imagine the other lizardmen are the alt poses you mention.