Monday, October 17, 2011

State of Decay: A Favorite Doctor Who Story

"I never drink...WINE"

I enjoy gothic stuff a lot, so a recent request to my brother to pull the classic Dr. Who episode 'State of Decay' from his vast library and pay a visit proved to be particularly satisfying during this pre-Halloween time of the year (in spite of me falling asleep on the last episode).

(Oh, by the way, this post has got sod-all to do with minis)

I like this one so much because of the tasteful blend of science fiction and gothic themes, and its ability to conduct the combination so well into the final product. The design is particularly neat and the Vampire Lords who feature as the first-tier villains would made excellent minis (Uh oh, in addition to the Gibbering Mouther I'm trying to make progress on now I ponder the idea of doing my first humanoid sculpts of the Vampires...).

The above screen-grab came from the Doctor Who Reviews page on this episode.

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  1. I enjoyed this story a lot. I remember watching the plot unfold and being pleasantly surprised at the twists, and surprised with how solid the whole thing was too. The blend of tropes and themes is wonderfully done and even the arc it sits in is a great concept.