Monday, September 12, 2011

A Cast of... one, so far

First resin cast was pretty lousy, air bubbles needed some venting, so I cut little v-shaped grooves into the rubber. Second casting came out pretty nice. I've sprayed it with gray primer for the photo (milky-white resin doesn't show much surface detail).

Recently moved living circumstances and am enthusiastic about creating a new work area.


  1. I was just googling around for pictures of the old RT Ambull and found your blog. You have done awesome job :). If you want to sell a few please contact me. I need some for my 15mm RT project! :)

    all the best


  2. and the email is: mikama75(at)

  3. I agree, if you're ever looking to sell these casts, I'd take a couple off your hands! Of course if you aren't comfortable with that, I understand. My email is