Sunday, March 23, 2014

Back From the Dead

When did I last post something? Last year, at least it hasn't been a whole year. Anyway, time to get back to work, many unfinished projects. Here's something to flex the mind and hand-muscles: I bought some Pro-Create, the gray-colored epoxy material, to see how it fares against the classic Green Stuff.
It's quite good, I made up a wire core, stuck it in a cork like the big boys do (a practice which I'll be changing at some point soon) and just started laying the stuff on to get a feel for it. I think it will be quite nice, not as sticky as Green Stuff (thought I'm used to that stickiness), but the gray color REALLY helps the eye on seeing what the hell I'm doing. This will definitely be a creature of some kind, no idea what it will look like, it's a freestyle experiment.
I would have had more done, but sculpting while watching Top Gear isn't very productive, in some ways. Hope to post more soon. Sorry for the blackout to those who have maintained an interest.

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