Friday, August 10, 2012

Ancient Paint

I thought I had thrown this stuff out years ago, but I found it: Old Ral Partha and AD&D paints. Neat little bottles, really garbage paint even when fresh (I remember).
The Citadel paints are still functional! This is the original Space Marine set. Some of the little opener tabs have been broken off from over-use. I still have the manual that came with the set. And the smell! I forced the top off one and the smell is a time machine - brings me right back to the olden times. Golden Oldies:


  1. You can still buy those exact same paints from Coat d'Arms these days!

    They smell the same too!

    Nothing like it!

  2. I still have my old Citadel paints as well, and I still use them! That original Bolt Gun metal was the best, it had a really 'heavy' tone to it that I have yet to find a match for.

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  4. Hello, I am a professional artist doing research on historical paint sets. I have the old sets of Citadel Paints (the 3 original sets offered) but they are separated from their boxes and I am trying to correctly identity the various blues and purples. This is an original set without labels on the bottles so it is difficult. I have reason to believe that the names of the colours were significantly changed by the time they were labeled in the next edition boxes and individual pots. If anyone could help me to identify the blues in the picture above and any of the other blues and purples which came with the original sets I would be grateful as I am publishing this information with photographs of the paints I have for historical documentation purposes. I have researched extensively and found the charts available to be of no use and have concluded that the color names changed (warlock purple was a word not even used in the boxed sets then and I have come to believe that enchanted blue was like medium cyan blue, not a deep blue as it was later on, but I am not certain). I need somebody with an unbroken set to identity which purples and blues came in which boxes of the earliest unlabeled sets. Any help would be appreciated and you would be credited. Leaving a comment here would be helpful.