Friday, June 8, 2012

Old Project: Rogue Trader Plastic Marine Conversions

Here are some old Rogue Trader plastic marines (from the original Imperial Marines box) done over with alterations. I did these years ago, these are relics from the early nineties, but I'm still quite proud of how inventive these alterations are (mostly with weaponry). The execution is so immediate: not concerned too much with quality so much as being legible.

Here's a scratchbuilt AK-47, with strap, I can see the banana-clip is made from bolter magazines, aside from that I can't tell what the rest is made of.

Bolter with strap (paper cut into strip and painted) with wire tail-stock. I can see that this arm took a little persuasion to get into more forcible pose.

Uzi, all scratchbuilt. Textured handgrip is a piece of Sculpey that I rolled a gnurled X-Acto handle grip on to get the patterned texture.

Battle-Damage. Cut and melted away plastic pack, a soldering iron or glue-gun tip was probably involved, and the 'exposed' metal part came from a little box of cool watch parts I got from a craft store.

Two magazine duct-taped together. Note the painted on 'eyes' on the nose cone. I think I did some WWII style teeth as well on some of the cones-faces.

Then there's this guy: Skeletal robot tripod, from some Citadel skeleton parts, an Eldar arm and a chopped up chaos autocannon.


  1. This is fun stuff! Who didn't make the craziest conversions with that kit? I recall the White Dwarf article that showcased the models, and I particularly remember the one with the propeller on his back! lOL. Back when GW wasn't taking itself TOO seriously!

  2. That was the whole attraction of GW in the old days, great breadth of style and story and a willingness to literally do anything at all (including propellers on the back - I do remember that!)