Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Un-Fun of the Dungeons & Dragons Labyrinth Game

In cleaning out some old stuff I found this:

I don't really remember where I got it from, but I do remember trying to figure out how it worked, navigation through the 'labyrinth' is built upon audio responses from the board. There are little wall pieces and two metal fighters, a dragon and some treasure.
The box art is beautiful, characteristically uncharacteristic for the early days of D&D.

I like the graphics, not only of the spectacular box art, but the board itself, a repeating tile-work of little woodcut type drawings.

"All the other kids got Vic 20s for Christmas..."

Anybody want it? Seriously, because I don't. I'll send it to you.


  1. Actually I had this too and regret that the minis that came with it are badly corroded from being in a basement. Still have most of the set, lacking the instructions (!) and some of the wall tiles. I'd take yours if your serious, let me know what the postage is to ohio!

    1. It's yours, I'll take care of getting it to you (you're doing me the favor by taking it - I've simply no room!), send an address to gholascale at gmail and we'll make it happen.