Wednesday, December 6, 2023

Big Nuts: Customized

To affix a heavy mini to a wooden display base, I need to somehow thread the base. This is done by placing a customized nut into one of the existing cavities of the mini's sculpted base, and securing it with either resin or epoxy. I first hack a bunch of notches into the nut (in this case it was a square one) with a file and hacksaw: this 'keys' the nut for the epoxy to lock into.
The griffon's base is actually two pieces, and quite difficult to place together, much like a 3-dimensional puzzle. I had to strap the whole thing to a block of wood, to create a flat plain, while adding some pins and epoxy. Everything worked out, but gaps needed filling all over.
A smaller bolt was nested into the metal (after having been drilled and milled) for the back portion of the base. Two points secured to the display base made sense for a mini of such significant weight. Ultimately it worked out well and the beast is now ready for wing-attachment and priming.
But first - the ears need some attention - as cast they are not so imposing, so a little Kneadatite Green Stuff Epoxy and the bird has more attitude.

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